disturbed soul.

Value of goodness
Having the good fortune to be born in the country,1984 Ugg Fox Fur Tall Black Boots, I have always had
this gut feeling of encouraging people in their dreams, and at some rare
occasions I have actually contributed in seeing to it that they come
Now this is me, a young man who has always wanted to see himself as
somebody living a life between Man and God. For a great time I believe I
have actually grown to it. Because if I were to analyze the progress of
my life then I would simply say that I was down there then and I am up
here now,UGG 5685.
But even with this progress in my life, I have always had a weakness.
It lies in the fact that I cannot answer some questions about what
happens around me. For example how do I explain a waiter who serves me
with a bag of chips and an empty bottle of soda? or a young kid who
tries so hard to act as an adult.
I mean who am I, what is my destiny? Am I good at being mewhat is so
good about me,Brian Tracy, and how do I find it out.
Obviously these sound like very simple questions when you over look
them, but there is that darker side that we have always liked to
inquire,1984 Ugg Fox Fur Tall Chocolate Boots, just like any other puzzling situations we encounter.
This is the side where I am again left with another cry, like if it is
so that I am not able to answer these questions about me , then what is
the meaning of my life here, how do I survive , is there value in living
really? And where does it lie.
On the grounds of these questions I found myself having no interest in
doing anything for my life, no reason for working, no reason for going
to school,5685 Ugg Fox Fur Short Black Boots, and no certainly reason for loving. I am thus content to live
no further into my future life, my living on earth suddenly becomes
clouded and I cannot see anything good.
Funny but it is here that I discover that one thing that makes me feel
this way. It is because I see no good in life, I try to find good and it
is not around me. My life is value less because there is no goodness
around me.
So how do I get what is good in me and outlook my life? I have an idea
at this, maybe try to make good within me.
For perhaps once I have perceived and had this , questions about value
in my life will eventually be answered hopefully. In practicing good and
seeing well I will be able to vision goodness in my life. I can suddenly
see the value of goodness in my life as it shades a light on my
disturbed soul.
I shall not again have curiosity on the subject of who am I , and what
am doing here, for goodness will advise me to gaze not on the things
that make my mind filled with sorrow but those little things in me that
makes me happy and teaches me that the best thing in life is being good,Start with a question.
Goodness will thus be the reason to my living and life itself, for it
will make me feel simple, pure and uncomplicated.
This is because when we discover the value of goodness, then we forever
remain in contact with a reality that nourishes and give birth to things
that that gives us the privilege of being and acting like we would have
if our dreams were for sure our reality.
ENDS,if you think about it..