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Are You Living the Life You Imagined? by Chris Gloss
Answer, if you would, for me, a few very simple yet life-altering questions. Questions which require total honesty and much introspection. Questions,5803 Ugg Bailey Button Sand Boots, that, when answered truthfully, could quite possibly become the catalyst for the breakthrough in your finances, your happiness, your purpose in fact, your entire life!
So tell me... as you look at your life and circumstances and look back on the dreams you hoped and wished to obtain Are you living the life you imagined? If not Then, are you doing all you can do,5685 Ugg Fox Fur Short Chestnut Boots, to accomplish your deepest desires?
Now, I don't mean, some, of what you can do,5803 Ugg Bailey Button Grey Boots. Nor, most, of what you can do. No. Are you doing ALL that you can do, to accomplish your deepest desires?
Just last week I reached a turning point in my life. A life altering moment. As I sat conversing with my mentor, he posed that very question to me. He asked, "Chris are you doing all that you can do, to accomplish your deepest desires?" In that moment, as I directed the question inward to myself, in all honesty, I had to answer "No". No, I was not doing all that I could do to accomplish my deepest desires. What an empowering revelation! My mentor went on to say that 95% of people wish for their dreams and hope for their dreams, but lack that "Go get it attitude", that's required to achieve the dream. And the funny thing is that, although they don't have it, they certainly expect others to have it! They expect their kids to have it! They expect their employees to have it,5838 Ugg Bailey Button Bomber Jacket Chestnut Boots! They expect their co-workers to have it! Yet, they don't have it!

In that moment of truth,I came to the realization that there was, in fact, much more that I can do. What about you? What more can you do? What more are you willing to do? Are you willing to pay the price? If you're unwilling to pay the price for your dreams and goals,in full, up front you will eventually pay the price for failure and regret,in increments, over a lifetime. One way or another, you will pay a price. The question now becomeswhich price are you willing to pay?
If you're anything like me,5685 Ugg Fox Fur Short Grey Boots, you operate in kinetic energy, always in motion. Most people operate in latent energy,5685 Ugg Fox Fur Short Chocolate Boots, the complete opposite, willing to tolerate doing nothing and getting nothing, as a result. Although latent energy may be full of, potential, kinetic energy, by choosing to remain idle, it will never experience the power of motion. When I come into contact with people who operate in latent energy, we tend to disagree because we are looking at things from two totally different perspectives. They operate out of the current situations or "the facts". I choose, always, to operate out of the possibilities:
Their argument goes something, like:
* The fact is you don't have the money, so you can't start the business.
* The fact is you're broke and have until the end of the month to move out.
* The fact is your relationship is in trouble.
* The fact is you're a single parent and the odds are against you.
* The fact is. you don't have a college education and that's what is required.
But, here's what I know: (You must always factor in the Possibilities!)
* Good things can happen for you!
* Become a believer and they will!
* You've got to keep fighting!
* You can't give up!
* You can't throw in the towel!
* You've got to refuse to lose,UGG 5838!
* You've got to eat, sleep, and breathe a "Go get it attitude"!
* You must get in motion, moving toward your dreams things will happen in your favor when you get in motion!
* Everyday that you risethere's still time!
As Woodrow Wilson so eloquently put it:
"We grow through our dreams. All great men and women are dreamers. Some, however, allow their dreams to die. You should nurse your dreams and protect them through bad times and tough times to the sunshine and light which always come."
There comes a time when you have to drop your burdens, in order to fight for yourself and your dreams, because life is a fight for territory and when you stop fighting for what you want, what you don't want will take over,5838 Ugg Bailey Button Bomber Jacket Grey Boots!
Below are 5 keys to implement, as you begin working toward a "Go get it Attitude"
1) Spend time each day thinking about what you want to do and where you want to go.
2) Be your own judge! Don't criticize yourself for where you are; simply evaluate where you are and the actions you are taking to get out of your situation.
3) Invest in a coach! If you have been unsuccessful in getting things done on your own, get some help.
4) Get a team! Surround yourself with people who are operating out of their passions. People who are going for it! People who refuse to lose! And if you can't find anyone like that, work on yourself until they "show up". Don't ever compromise on the quality of the company you keep. It's better to be alone than to wish you were.
5) Validate yourself,add on the weight training as per Bruce Lee and go on 5 Km marches at a brisk clip! Don't wait for others to give you a stamp of approval. The fact that you are on the planet qualifies you to pursue your greatest desires, with all that is in you. "You were created by God and inspired by His word and that's enough." Besides, no one on this planet is qualified or justified to evaluate your greatness. Embrace the fact that you've already been stampedApproved!
If where you are today is not where you want to be, you must not waste another day. Get started! Get moving! Get busy! Your best day has yet to come! There's a more fulfilling life with your name on it, and as long as you are still here it is never too late to claim it!

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